Swimming is a great way for Members to gather together, relax and spend quality time with their families and friends and our pool area provides the perfect environment to do so.

Our kiddie pool is the ideal size for our younger swimmers. Adults can enjoy beverage cocktail service while cooling off in our larger swimming pool. The pool season is Memorial thru Labor Day with many member events throughout. The pool at Regents’ Glen is for Pool Members and Golf/Social Members only.

Please contact the membership office for information on Regents' Glen Pool Membership. 

We also offer pool locker rooms that have all the amenities you’ll need for spending the day poolside, including restrooms, family showering facilities and clean towels.

(Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Tuesday – Sunday
10:00 am – 7:00 pm

  • Pool Rules
      1. Inclement Weather
        1. Pool Closing and Inclement Weather Policy Center is subject to early closing if low attendance (4 patrons or less in a two hour period), weather warrants, or for a special program.
        2. The pool facilities will close whenever projected high air temperatures for the day are below 68 degrees.
        3. If outside temperatures drop below 65 degrees during open swim the pool will be closed.
        4. When inclement weather occurs, including but not limited to: Rain, wind, lightning and/or severe conditions (tornado, thunderstorm watch/warnings) that compromise the safety of the patrons or staff, the water will be cleared, staff will remain at the facility and attempt to reopen as soon as possible. If it is not feasible to reopen after 60 minutes, the pool will close

        (Policies are subject to change/modification without notice)

      2. Persons with infections or diseases that may be transmitted by the pool water are prohibited (28 PA. CODE #18.53)
      3. Patrons should shower before entering the pool area
      4. No diving
      5. No running on deck area
      6. Feet first entries only into pool
      7. No rough play
      8. Toys only with approval based on size of crowd and type of toy
      9. No one under the age of 14 without adult supervision
      10. No entrance into the pool area prior to signing in
      11. No swimming allowed when no lifeguard is present
      12. Infants must be diapered

"The pool was nice and clean. The young people working there were very polite and friendly. The chairs were comfortable and umbrellas were readily available. Our dinner was incredibly awesome! Highly recommend the dining room!" - Sharon