Tradition of Excellence 

The elegant Box Hill Mansion of York, Pennsylvania, was built on property originally known as “White Oaks Plains.” This grand historic site dates back to a large territory on the west bank of the Delaware River, granted to William Penn in settlement of a debt by the King of England. Later to be known as Pennsylvania or “Penns Woods,” the region was settled by a religious group known as the “Quakers,” and this particular tract was bought in 1736 directly from the William Penn Family. Old white oak trees, from the time of the colonial settlers, still stand today along the 13th hole of the golf course.

Opulence & Transformation 

The Mansion, completed in 1929 was originally built as a private residence by George and Purdon Whiteley, Mr. Whiteley was the owner of Dentsply, a leading manufacturer of dental supplies that still thrives today in York, Pa. The Whiteleys and their four children resided at the home surrounded by 419 acres of gardens, a woodland and farmland - for nearly 50 years. Artifacts from the Whiteleys' many travels still remain, in collection of labeled stones from around the world. The beautiful gardens were also developed in part by cuttings from Boxwoods and other shrubs transplanted from Europe after their many visits there. As you scroll through the winding paths, you will notice a shrine of Indian artifacts found on site, paying homage to the property's historic past. 

In 1979 the Whiteley Family considered selling their residence known as “Box Hill” and the farmland on White Oaks Plains. Local businessman Webster J. McCormack, a lifelong friend with strong ties to the Whiteley Family, saw a unique opportunity and had a landscape developer draw up plans for a community based on similar active adult communities frequently found in Florida. Upon purchase of the property, plans for the golf course and residential community were developed by Mr. McCormack, and his dreams of a slower, gentler way of life for active adults began coming to fruition. 

The Box Hill residence underwent extensive renovations under the direction of Aleci-Dodd Architects and Richard D. Poole, Inc., Builder, in order to turn the lovely old home into its current state of quiet elegance and classic decor. In addition to heating and air-conditioning, new hardwood floors were crafted, and a mural reflecting the glorious gardens outside was painted in the foyer. An enclosed terrace was added for dining, similar to the types of venues found along the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. 

A New Vision 

In May of 2000, Box Hill was acquired by its present owner and re­emerged as The Regents’ Glen Dinner Club, LLC. As you drive through the gates of Regents’ Glen and wind your way along Sterling Lake to the Box Hill Dinner Club, you will see town homes and condominiums surrounded by an impressive 18-hole golf course, designed by renowned architect Arthur Hills. 

The Box Hill Dinner Club epitomizes the grace and style of the Regents’ Glen experience. It has become one of the premier dining locations in the area, offering fabulous dining, inviting before and after social areas, fire places, large pub area, card room opportunity, a terraced dining area and a colossal tent for special outdoor functions. Our dedicated staff strives to present our members and guests with extravagant service and exquisite gourmet creations, comparable to the finest restaurants found only in larger metropolitan areas.