Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Regents' Glen is a family-owned, family oriented private Country Club committed to offering its members, their families and guests to an extraordinary recreational and social environment with excellent facilities, programs and services.

Vision Statement:

The most successful private clubs are built around a foundation of enduring relationships and a commitment to excellence.  The Krebs Family embraces its responsibility to continuously improve Regents' Glen's key assets and offer its members with a recreational and social lifestyle unparalleled in South Central Pennsylvania.

Krebs Family Statement

Since we, the Krebs family, purchased Regents’ Glen, in the spring of 2016,  we have experienced overwhelming support from the community. Everyone realizes Regents’ Glen is a special place and it is not because of the beautiful golf course, the lovely grounds or the stately Box Hill Mansion - it is the people. The sense of fellowship and passion for this neighborhood is comparable to none. 

It is our mission to take Regents’ Glen to its full potential and create a lifestyle everyone can be proud of. We want Regents’ Glen to be a positive, friendly environment for all members, residents and employees with no pretentiousness or intimidation. Joining RGCC as a member, a resident or part of the staff is like joining a family, with a sense of belonging and fellowship. We want residents to be proud to tell people they live there. We want members to be proud to bring their guests to golf or dine. We want employees to be proud to tell their families they work there.

Regents’ Glen has enormous potential and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. We have come a long way, and have a good start in laying the groundwork. The future is very promising and we are committed to the ongoing success.
Hopefully, you’ve experienced the improvements but we are nowhere near where we want to be. We have come a long way in the past few months and we are making tremendous progress. The future plans for Regents’ Glen will be an environment very unique to Pennsylvania incomparable to any Country Club community around.

Thank you for your continued support.

Rod Krebs & Family