All Social and Golf Members are Welcome to Enjoy the Bocce Courts.  Visit The Grill to Pick up Bocce Balls and Check Availability of the Courts.  Courts are Open Daily 11 :00 am - 9:00 pm 

House Rules for Bocce Courts 

1. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased at Regents' Glen.  
2. If you are playing at night, the courts close at 9:00 pm and you must turn off the lights when you are finished. 
3. Only wear shoes that will not damage the bocce courts when playing. 
4. Shoes must be worn.
5. No side coaching while match is in progress.
6. Please rake the courts after each match. 
7. Please clean up after your self and dispose of any garbage in the nearest receptacle. 

Bocce Leagues 

League Forms 

Summary of the Game 

House Rules 

Bocce Terms and Etiquette 

Contact Suzanne Eckenroth for questions or information on the 2019 Bocce League!