Opulence & Transformation

The Mansion, completed in 1929, was originally built as a private residence by George and Purdon Whiteley. Mr. Whiteley was the owner of Dentsply, a leading manufacturer of dental supplies that still thrives today in York, Pa. The Whiteleys and their four children resided at the home surrounded by 419 acres of gardens, woodland and farmland-for nearly 50 years. Artifacts from the Whiteleys’ many travels still remain, in a collection of labeled stones from around the world. The beautiful gardens were also developed in part by cuttings from Boxwoods and other shrubs transplanted from Europe after their many visits there. As you stroll through the winding paths, you will notice a shrine of Indian artifacts found on site, paying homage to the property’s historic past.

A New Vision

In March, 2016 Rod Krebs, a prominent local business man in the York area purchased Regents’ Glen Country Club and along with it, Box Hill Mansion. Mr. Krebs's focus on Box Hill is to return the mansion and the overall site to prominence in York County. Through a team of dedicated employees and the direction of the Krebs family, the mansion is receiving the attention that it deserves to once again present it as the premier location for dining and private events. Considerable resources are in place to improve the facilities while maintaining the charm and elegance of years past.

Aerial Overview